CM3570 CombiChecker

The CM3570 CombiChecker system performs two key inspection functions in one simple integrated solution

The CM3570 CombiChecker system performs two key inspection functions in one simple integrated solution. Check­weigher and metal detector set up and configuration are done at the checkweigher control panel, saving time and simplifying operation. Product changeovers result in automatic adaptation of each inspection device to the new package parameters. Easily customized from standard modules, this dual function system can be adapted to suit the specific requirements of the food, personal care or pharmaceutical industries.

The end-user selects from the many available mechanical options including conveyors, guide rails, transfer plates, dual locking reject bins, and a variety of rejector types to ensure safe and secure handling, weighing and inspection of virtually any package type. The mechanical features are then complemented with choices from a complete library of line integration, functional and operational, production monitoring and control, and communication options to customize the CM3570’s security, performance, and data requirements to match the industry, customer and application, creating a complete customized checkweighing and metal detection solution.

The C3570’s capability for 100% inspection for both metal contaminants and out of tolerance weights protects both the consumer and the manufacturer’s brand. The metal detector and checkweigher are matched to deliver optimum performance in difficult applications,  and will demonstrate due diligence and Critical Control Point monitoring as effective methods to increase product safety and as safeguards against poor quality.

Designed to comply with the most demanding global machinery safety standards, and qualified by the largest consumer products companies, the CM3570 puts safety first.


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