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Heavy-Duty Walkie Pallet Truck

Heavy-duty walkie pallet utilizes a steel fork frame, making the product one of the heaviest drive unit frames in the industry.

The W45Z is a heavy-duty walkie pallet truck designed to be tough and intelligent. The product can handle the rigors of all of the most demanding walkie applications. The walkie can address pallet truck application challenges and boost operators' productivity through a range of features. Product features focus on reducing cost of ownership. The truck utilizes a heavy-duty fork frame and linkage with HTX bushings, making it designed to perform in harsh applications. The steel drive frame coupled with a highly engineered drive unit casting makes the product one of the heaviest drive unit frames in the industry. Product comes with a lifetime frame warranty as well as a three-year 6,000-hour powertrain warranty. Product features improved operator productivity up to 25 percent by allowing operators to simultaneously transport and lift pallets.  Trucks equipped with this technology will automatically lift the pallet to the maximum fork height, without continually having to hold the lift button during transport. A feature called Intelligent Slow Down will recognize when the operator turns the truck during cornering and automatically decrease the speed, allowing stability to be maintained. Other features include turtle function in all handle run zones and improved maneuverability.

Hyster Company

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