Ellen Kullman Discusses Bio-Driven Development and

At the China Development Forum, Ellen Kullman talks about biotechnology and sustainability shaping global economic development.

Ellen Kullman Discusses Bio-Driven Development and

Ellen Kullman
At the China Development Forum 2011 (CDF) held in Beijing over the weekend, DuPont Chair & CEO Ellen Kullman discussed the combination of biotechnology and sustainability as a factor in shaping global economic development.

The two-day forum focused on China’s efforts to transform its pattern of economic growth into one that is balanced and sustainable in the upcoming five years through implementing the country’s 12th Five-Year Economic & Social Development Plan.

Addressing the nearly 700 participants that included Chinese government leaders, senior executives of leading multinational corporations and international organizations, and well-known scholars, Ellen said that biotechnological understanding and discoveries will continue their exponential growth for a long period of time, resulting in capabilities currently unimagined.

Based on the experiences of DuPont around the world, as well as the company’s understanding of China’s goals, Ellen suggested fully applying biotechnology to advance sustainability in the country.

“With its rich talent base and commitment to becoming an innovation destination, China could play a constructive role in developing and applying biotechnology,” Ellen said.

“Looking out toward a 20-year horizon, DuPont expects biotechnology to drive innovation ranging from engineering plastics, advanced fibers and composites to biofuels, agriculture and nutrition – all the while creating a more sustainable basis for the manufacture and use of these products,” Ellen said.

Ellen further noted that given the complexities and specializations fundamental to developing biotechnology, no one company or organization could do it alone, and that the future of biotechnology will be a future of partnerships and collaboration.

The CDF is an annual event hosted by the Development Research Center of the Chinese State Council. 


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