Granholm Calls Wagoner 'Sacrificial Lamb'

Michigan governor said GM CEO Rick Wagoner had worked at the automaker for over 30 years and was trying to turn it around when he was ousted by the government.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The governor of Michigan says Rick Wagoner, the General Motors chairman and CEO forced out of his job in the Obama administration's final effort to revive the ailing U.S. auto industry, is a "sacrificial lamb."

Interviewed Monday on NBC's "Today" show, Governor Jennifer Granholm noted that Wagoner has worked for GM for more than 30 years and was trying to turn the company around.

She said that Wagoner agreed to step aside for the good of the carmaker and its workers.

The Obama administration announced late Sunday that neither GM nor Chrysler has come up with acceptable business plans to merit receiving additional federal bailout money. The two automakers were each given a brief deadline to try one last time to persuade Washington they're worth saving.

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