NAM Hopeful New Congress Will Have Postive Outcome For Manufacturing

NAM looking for consensus to pass long overdue legislation on OCS natural gas resourcs and R&D tax credit.

Although the manufacturing industry lost many supporters in the Tuesday elections, it is hoped that the incoming legislators will work towards strengthening the U.S. economy and creating more jobs, according to Jay Timmons, senior vice president, Policy and Government Relations for the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). 

“Tuesday’s election upheaval should be seen not as a radical shift to the political left, but rather an expression of widespread frustration,” said Timmons at a press conference on Tuesday. "The American people have made it clear they are weary of the negative tone of public discourse in Washington that prevents action on important issues.”

He anticipates that Rep. Nancy Pelosi and her leadership team "will bring nontraditional allies together to forge consensus on key issues, and that will include the business community.”

Timmons noted that the importance of manufacturing in the U.S. transcends political consideration.

The NAM will work aggressively with the lame-duck Congress for action on long overdue legislation – particularly development of OCS natural gas resources and renewal of the research and development tax credit – things that should have been accomplished a long time ago, said Timmons.

“Come January, we will work with the 110th Congress under the assumption that the new Congressional leaders want to build a successful track record,” Timmons said. “We can put partisanship aside and work together for economic growth. If we do, much can be accomplished for America’s manufacturing economy and the 14 million employees who work there.”

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