Reflecting On Manufacturing Day

An editor's thoughts on the significance of Manufacturing Day.

As a writer new to the manufacturing industry, I have learned quite a bit in the past few months. Perhaps one of the most prominent lessons I have encountered is how manufacturing touches nearly every aspect of our lives — but not too many people realize that.

Frequently, when I tell people I write about manufacturing, their immediate response is along the lines of, "oh, that seems like it would be boring." Though I was somewhat skeptical myself at first, it took less than a day for me to see how prominent — and completely fascinating — the manufacturing industry is in its entirety. New technology, a constantly-changing automotive sector, environmental issues, business and plant practices — there's never a dull day. 

That's why today, Manufacturing Day, is not only exciting, but very important. It's a time to look beyond the misconceptions of the industry and learn about how manufacturers shape society. It's also a great opportunity to address challenges in the industry, from tackling the skills gap to motivating the future generations of manufacturers and everything in between. 

A variety of events are taking place across the country in celebration of Manufacturing Day, and people in the industry are using social media to talk about it by giving encouragement and recognition, showcasing activities and sharing data. Here's what some people are saying: 

It's not just manufacturers getting involved in the conversation — it's students, senators, companies and the general public. From questions to compliments to serious conversations, this day is raising awareness and educating those both inside and outside the industry about what manufacturing means to society and what it encompasses. 

So, to all of you in the manufacturing industry: Happy Manufacturing Day, and thank you for building the world we live in. 

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