An Ohio community college recently unveiled a new manufacturing job training program with help from Rockwell Automation.

Cuyahoga Community College's Manufacturing Technology Center for Excellence offers programs at the Cleveland facility to certify students in manufacturing production and processes, maintenance awareness, quality practices, and measurement and safety.

Rockwell partner Millennium Control Systems designed and built an integrated line — including Rockwell products and FANUC industrial robots — that provides hands-on training on the systems present in modern industrial facilities.

(AP Photo)

The center, which is open to enrolled students as well as current industrial workers, aims to combat the factors that contribute to the skills gap in the U.S. manufacturing sector, including changing technologies, aging workers and perceptions of manufacturing jobs.

The program, in particular, will help fill vacancies at 10 partner manufacturers in Ohio.

“The skills gap is an issue that affects every industrial operation today,” said Govind Sundararajan, Rockwell's business director for field labor and training. “This sort of hands-on training and upskilling will be key to helping fill that gap.”