Workplace Lawsuits Over COVID to 'Grow Exponentially'

One expert says this is merely "the front end of a tidal wave."

A recent CNN report says that hundreds of legal claims have been filed against businesses relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Joseph Seiner, a law professor at the University of South Carolina, this may merely be “the front end of a tidal wave.”

Seiner told CNN’s Robert Kuznia that we’re likely “to see that number grow exponentially over the next six months to one year."

Many meatpacking plants have been hotspots for Coronavirus, and JBS, Tyson and Smithfield are all targets of lawsuits over the safety risks that faced workers.

Other major employers like Walmart, Amazon and Safeway have also been sued for allegations of wrongful death.

According to, legal experts believe the unique context of the pandemic could change the typical outcome in worker death lawsuits where businesses are “rarely” found liable.

Kuznia’s report says the emerging lawsuits might be hindering business’s plans to re-open.

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