S.C. Steelworkers Approve Concessions, Hope For Work

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (AP) -- Members of a steelworkers union in South Carolina have approved contract concessions they hope will lead to the reopening of a mill.

The Sun News of Myrtle Beach reported steelworkers in Georgetown voted for the plan Wednesday in hopes the ArcelorMittal mill will reopen. It closed last July because of a lack of orders, putting nearly 300 people out of work.

Workers have agreed to a $3.65-per-hour pay cut.

Mill spokeswoman Katie Patterson issued a statement saying the Georgetown plant would remain closed until market conditions improve or the plant becomes more competitive.

Workers rejected a company call for concessions last August.

United Steelworkers Union 7898 President James Sanderson says the new plan would make the plant more competitive. He hopes to hear something within a month.

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