Renault, Volvo Workers End Strike In Brazil

SAO PAULO (AP) -- Workers at the Brazilian subsidiaries of French carmaker Renault and Swedish truck and bus manufacturer Volvo have returned to their jobs -- ending strikes to demand increased profit-sharing.

Renault do Brasil SA and the auto workers' union say they agreed to profit sharing payments of between 7,500 and 9,000 reals ($4,000 and $4,800) for each worker. Volvo do Brasil Veiculos Ltda and the union say they agreed to 9,000 reals ($4,000).

The end of the strikes was announced Thursday.

The four-day strike at Renault paralyzed production of close to 3,000 vehicles, while the two-day stoppage by Volvo stopped production of 80 vehicles.

Workers at both plants returned to work on Thursday.

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