New Process Gear Lays Off 216 Workers

Company will lay off 216 workers at its auto parts plant in New York indefinitely beginning next week, citing a downturn in demand for full-sized trucks.

EAST SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) — New Process Gear is laying off 216 central New York workers indefinitely beginning next week.

The company says a downturn in demand for full-sized trucks, a corresponding drop in demand from the plant's customers, and the overall economic conditions in North America contributed to the job cuts.

Workers at the Syracuse-area plant received the news Tuesday.

United Auto Workers union leaders met with workers for more than two hours Tuesday evening. The UAW is hopeful the layoffs are a temporary measure and that the federal government will provide a bailout for the Big Three automakers so that the 216 workers can get their jobs back.

New Process Gear currently employs 1,650. The plant in East Syracuse makes transfer cases.

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