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Report: Buyouts, Retirement Packages Save GM Jobs

Toronto Star is reporting that no workers will face layoffs next year as a result of General Motors' closing of its truck plant in Oshawa, Ontario.

TORONTO (CP) -- The Toronto Star is reporting that no workers at General Motors will face layoffs next year as a result of the closing of the company's truck plant in Oshawa, Ont.

The Canadian Auto workers Union says more than 2,600 production employees and tradespeople at the troubled plant have already accepted offers to retire early or leave the company.

The response surpasses the number of jobs GM will eliminate when the plant closes next July and has led to union suggestions that the company will have to hire new workers.

The number of departing employees could still increase, since workers have until Dec. 5 to accept buyouts.

GM spokesman Stew Low said the company could not confirm the number of workers who have accepted the offers but acknowledged layoffs would be "minimal."

Earlier this year, GM announced it would be closing the Oshawa plant due to decreased demand for gas-guzzling trucks.

GM's Oshawa complex has changed dramatically in recent years. It will operate one assembly plant there in 2009, down from three last year.

GM has consolidated two car operations and five shifts into one new flexible manufacturing plant that will build additional models more efficiently on two or three shifts.

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