July Manufacturing Hiring To Weaken

July 2007 hiring indexes are expected to fall below July 2006 levels.

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Manufacturing hiring is expected to be weaker in July, according to a report by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and Rutgers University.
The employment expectations index dropped from 52.7 in July 2006 to 48.8 for July 2007.
Compared to June 2006, June 2007 new-hire compensation is rising slowly and the number of vacant positions is rising in the exempt and nonexempt manufacturing sector.
In June 2006, compensation saw a net increase of 11.6 percent. In June 2007, it saw a net increase to 8.2 percent.
Recruiting difficulty is rising at a slower rate than last year, with the June 2007 index at 23.1 percent below the June 2006 27.8 percent.
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