Canadian Steelworkers Protest Manufacturing Job Losses

United Steelworkers organize campaign urging government to help stop plant and mill closures in Ontario province.

TORONTO – A series of demonstrations against massive job losses in the Canadian manufacturing industry took place Wednesday at nine plants across Ontario province. The United Steelworkers, which organized the demonstrations, called on the Ontario and federal governments to come up with ways to help stop manufacturing jobs from leaving the province.
''The loss of jobs in the manufacturing sector is urgent and critical, '' Wayne Fraser, USW Ontario/Atlantic Director said in a release. ''How many more communities are going to shut down when the plant closes or the mill closes. Working people have looked to this government to act - to have a plan.''
Tony DePaulo, the USW representative for the Hamilton-Niagara Peninsula, said that Ontario has lost more than 150,000 manufacturing jobs in the past two years alone. ''Plants are closing down and it’s not because they are losing money, but because the companies aren't making enough,'' claimed DePaulo. He cited programs such as the jobs commission in British Columbia which tries to work with companies before they decide to move or close a plant as a good way to potentially help curb job losses.
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