Canadian Apparel Manufacturer Closing 5 Plants, Including One In New York

Gildan Activewear's restructuring will affect 465 workers in U.S. and Canada, 1,365 in Mexico.

Gildan Activewear Inc., a Canadian apparel manufacturer, announced Tuesday its that will close its two remaining textile facilities in Montreal, Canada, along with a  cutting facility in Bombay, N.Y., and two sewing facilities in Mexico.

About 465 employees in Canada and the the U.S., and 1,365 employees in Mexico, will be affected by the plant closings.

The Canadian and New York plants will cease operations in the fourth quarter of the current fiscal year; the Mexican facility will close immediately.

Gildan's will consolidate the manufacturing of T-shirts, fleece, sport shirts and underwear into its manufacturing hubs in Central America and the Caribbean Basin.

The company is relocating apparel production to its offshore manufacturing hubs in an effort to remain cost-competitive in the high competitive North American apparel industry.


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