We Cool: New Site For Teens Revamps Manufacturing's Image

SME site aims to inspire youth and cut down on labor shortages in the industry.

This just in - manufacturing is cool. Or at least that’s the thinking behind the new Manufacturing is Cool website from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Education Foundation.

The site, www.manufacturingiscool.com, gives the younger generation a glimpse into the importance and non-boring nature of today’s manufacturing sector.

Not only can visitors see how cars and cell phones are designed and produced, but there are also activities that let them try their hand at design and production of some of their favorite items.

Recently, manufacturing has been affected by a shortage of skilled workers, which is definitely uncool. The site aims to change that by reaching out to preteens and teens and boost interest in engineering and technology programs.

“If we are going to inspire enough young people to pursue careers in engineering in the coming decades, we have to show our kids how fascinating math and science can be,” said Glen Pearson, president of the SME Education Foundation. “With this website, we’re showing kids all the cool things they could do if they pursue a career in manufacturing.”

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