From the Front Line to the Production Line

According to the Department of Defense Active Duty Officer Flow Management Plan, more than 27,000 officers will retire or separate from active duty during FY 2006.

According to the Department of Defense Active Duty Officer Flow Management Plan, more than 27,000 officers will retire or separate from active duty during FY 2006. As these potential employees re-enter the civilian workforce, special attention is given to these veterans by RecruitMilitary, an organization that aids military personnel transitioning back to civilian life.

Mike Francomb, Senior VP with RecruitMilitary and a former Captain with the U.S. Army, says the organization aids both the recent veteran, as well as someone with significant industry experience coupled with a past service record. “One of the big things our customers come to us for are those intangibles the military candidate brings them,” Francomb said. “A great work ethic, high integrity, loyalty. All those qualities all employers want that are just engrained into our candidates through the experiences they have gained on their active duty time and with the National Guard Reserves.”

RecruitMilitary takes the approach of a “two-prong” mission, according to Francomb.
Since all employees of the company are veterans from either full-time service or the reserves, the company is passionate about helping their fellow veterans. “We want to help those who are transitioning, or have been caught in a downsizing and have been out awhile, to help them get back into a great company,” Francomb said.

The second portion of their mission is due to the belief in their country. “We believe in our country and we believe that our employers are the backbone of the country,” said Francomb. “If we can provide great people to those businesses, it helps our country be strong.”

According to Francomb, many of the companies RecruitMilitary engages either have ownership or senior leadership with a military history. “Somewhere down the line, that company gave a shot to a veteran and learned that it was a pretty good move for them. It allows us an opportunity to help expand that.”

All of RecruitMilitary’s services are paid by the recruiting companies, so there is no cost to the new veteran. The company has an online database of over 107,000 military veterans who are seeking jobs. The companies can then search that database for candidates as well as post open positions.

“We have a website where candidates who are exiting the military have an opportunity to register and upload a resume. If they don’t have a resume, we have a resume writer to guide them through the process, .and show them how to translate their military skills into civilian skills.”

A quarterly newsletter, sent to over 220 military installations, provides tips for the transitioning serviceperson. The theme of the April 2006 newsletter was manufacturing.

RecruitMilitary attended National Manufacturing Week for the first time this spring to bring their message to the manufacturing industry. Francomb commented that the show attendance proved to be a positive experience. “The name kind of catches people off guard. As soon as we explain it, people have been really positive and feel it’s a great thing to do,” Francomb said.

RecruitMilitary has also partnered with the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) to match military experience with manufacturing employment opportunities and fill the void of skilled workers in the field. A recently published white paper, “From the Front Line to the Production Line,” explains where veterans can fill the gap required by manufacturing. According to the study, completed by NAM and RecruitMilitary, almost any enlisted member of the military would be highly trainable for an entry-level production position, a technician, or an operator within the manufacturing sector. Exiting military personnel also do extremely well in sales positions.

“The military is very high tech and just filled with maintenance people and others that are in manufacturing. We are providing some good people for manufacturing,” Francomb said.

RecruitMilitary also became one of NAM’s service providers in November of 2005, which gives the membership a discount on their services, as well as the RecruitMilitary logo for their website and materials. This distinguishes them as a veteran friendly organization. By creating this partnership, RecruitMilitary hopes to get to know the NAM membership and learn more about their challenges and how their organization may be able to assist them.

One company that has utilized RecruitMilitary’s services is Maverick Tube Corp. RecruitMilitary has placed approximately 12 employees at the Arkansas-based company over the last three years, according to Human Resources Manager, Larry Adams.

“RecruitMilitary puts in more time in the background search than many firms,” Adams said. “They came onsite to better understand what we do.”

Adams said he has been very impressed with the preparation RecruitMilitary does with their candidates. “They do a lot of research on the company prior to the interview. They have been a really good resource for us,” Adams said.


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