Ford Workers At Stamping Plant Agree To Work Changes

Workers at Woodhaven Stamping Plant will be offered buyout packages.

DETROIT (AP) – Workers at Ford Motors' Woodhaven Stamping Plant agreed to work-rule and other changes that will make the plant more efficient, a company official said Wednesday.

United Auto Workers (UAW) members at the plant, south of Detroit, agreed to the changes in what is called a ''competitive operating agreement,'' according to Ford spokeswoman Marcey Evans.

Under the agreement Ford can offer more buyout packages to workers at Woodhaven, which will help Ford make the plant more efficient.

About 150 workers have accepted buyouts so far at Woodhaven, said Evans. She would not comment on how many more workers would be offered packages.

UAW Local 387 represents about 1,500 workers at the plant, which makes door panels, fenders, floor pans, hoods, quarter panels, roofs, and tailgates.

Previously, Ford announced plans to close eight plants by the end of 2008 and a total of 14 by 2012 as part of its restructuring plan. Due to an accelerated restructuring plan, Ford may announce more plant closures in September.

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