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Manufacturing Minute: Touchable Holograms

In this episode, 3D virtual objects you can touch, feel, move and change with your hands.

Touchable holograms are now a reality, thanks to a group of Japanese scientists. The system, called “Fairy Lights”, emit high frequency laser pulses which respond to human touch.

This femtosecond laser technology is different than other hologram tech introduced so far. Light technology currently does not allow the user to feel the pictures and videos, and former laser technology used to demonstrate touchable holograms burned human skin.

When the laser pulses are interrupted, the hologram’s pixels can be manipulated mid-air. Science website Pulse Headlines says future development of this technology could even enable video chat users to feel their chat partner’s virtual touch. Using a larger laser and area could also prove to show the benefits of touchable holograms in our daily lives.


How could this technology be implemented in industrial applications? Do you think the technology will take off?

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