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Manufacturing Minute: A Robot To Keep The Shelves Stocked

In this episode, a robot to keep the supply chain moving.

Meet Tally from Simbe Robotics, designed to move around retail locations, keeping track of low- and out-of-stock items. Tally can also catch pricing errors or if items have been misplaced.

Retailers don't have to change their shelves or store to accommodate Tally, which will operate around customers. The robot uses sensors to navigate on its own and analyze the state of the store. While Tally can't rectify any problems on its own, it does send data to the cloud and then presents recommendations to the retailer through an app on how to better meet customer demands.

Weighing in at about 30 lbs. and standing 38 inches tall, Tally returns to its charging dock when running low on power after a hard day at the office. A pilot program is currently underway in several stores in North America.


Do you think automation like this in the retail world makes sense? How would Tally be beneficial in a warehouse setting?

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