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MM Blog: Footstep Generated Power

Here's a look at a flooring system installation that can create sustainable energy.

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We’ve seen people discuss harnessing the power of the wind, the ocean and the sun – but what about something as simple as walking? A company called Pavegen decided to test this theory by creating floor tiles that generate electricity through footsteps. It’s based on the concept of kinetic energy – you expel energy as each foot hits the ground, and rather than disappearing or becoming useless, it is translated into usable, storable energy.

The newest generation of the company’s tiles, named the V3, is triangular, allowing more productivity by providing a generator in each corner. The V3 generates five watts of power while someone walks across it. Although that doesn’t sound like much, it’s more than 200 times more efficient than the company’s first prototype. Since its beginning in 2009, Pavegen has delivered more than 100 installations for a variety of sectors, including public transportation stations, malls, airports and other various public spaces.


How could this form of energy be utilized in a manufacturing setting? How could this technology be expanded into other uses?

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