MM Blog: An All-Terrain e-Board

A look at the Triborg e-board that brings dirt bike design to skateboarding.

Mnet 191357 Hero 2 5

Lansing, Michigan’s Triborg Skateboards are the newest, strongest and most versatile power boards on the market today. Most electric skateboards on the market have a four-wheel design, but only one of these wheels is connected to the motor which can cause a skateboard to twist in one direction while accelerating and in the other direction while braking. Contrary to that design, the Triborg features a centered rear wheel that helps maintain the board’s balance at all times.The frame is TIG-welded from laser-cut aluminum with a dirt bike-influenced rear suspension that helps ease over bumps and obstacles while keeping the drive wheel on the ground for maximum traction.

The Triborg has a range of just under 20 miles with speeds up to 20 mph. Every Triborg is made-to-order so colors, wheel type, wheel color, motor wattage, battery capacity, aluminum finish and grip tape are all customizable at request. Each skateboard can take 1-4 months to make depending on availability of parts and begins shipping to Kickstarter backers in August. 


Does the Triborg make a great addition to personal people movers? Could you see these used in a manufacturing or warehouse setting? 

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