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At a Glance 2017 CONTENTS OUR AMBITION: BECOME THE RESPONSIBLE ENERGY MAJOR p. 03 MEET THE ENERGY NEEDS OF A LARGER POPULATION Affordable Energy p. 05 Reliable Energy p. 06 Clean Energy p. 07 KEEP UP WITH OUR CUSTOMERS’ CHANGING NEEDS Providing Convenient, Innovative Customer Service p. 09 Helping Our Customers Shrink Their Environmental Footprint p. 10 KEY FIGURES p. 11 OUR ACTIVITIES Explore and Produce Oil and Gas Solar Biomass Transform and Develop Specialty Chemicals Polymers Refining & Petrochemicals Ship and Market Trading & Shipping Marketing & Services OPERATIONS IN 130 COUNTRIES INTERNATIONAL OIL AND GAS COMPANY FOURTH-LARGEST WHO ARE WE? A MAJOR INTEGRATED SOLAR OPERATOR, WITH SUNPOWER AND TOTAL SOLAR 02 • AT A GLANCE The next 20 years pose three major energy challenges: supplying energy to a larger population, tackling climate issues and anticipating changes in customer needs. At Total, we believe we have a responsibil ity to provide tangible solutions. That means first of all providing affordable, reliable, clean energy. That’s why we’re developing a production mix that takes into account the International Energy Agency’s 2°C scenario and pay attention to the energy efficiency of our facilities. Lastly, we’re determined to find Our Ambition: Become the Responsible Energy Major innovative solutions for the new ways our customers use energy and to help them to do so more responsibly. THAT’S WHAT IT MEANS TO BE “COMMITTED TO BETTER ENERGY.” Find all our initiatives online at 03 MEET THE ENERGY NEEDS OF A LARGER POPULATION Energy is vital for cooking, heating, lighting and transportation. It is also integral to the economic development of communities. We apply our know-how and innovativeness every day to make energy accessible to as many as possible, drawing on our integrated business model spanning the oil, gas and solar value chains. The result is safe, state-of-the-art, sustainable products and services for our customers. 04 • AT A GLANCE In an increasingly volatile environment, we select and develop oil and gas projects offering competitive production and processing costs. AFFORDABLE, RELIABLE, CLEAN ENERGY The Al-Shaheen field produces 300,000 barrels of oil per day. At the end of a highly competitive bidding process, Total was selected to work with Qatar Petroleum to produce this gigantic field located 80 kilometers north of Ras Laffan. Starting on July 14, 2017, we will deploy the best of our technical and business expertise on one of the world’s biggest and most complex offshore oil fields, offering tremendous potential and low development costs. “The award of the Al-Shaheen concession dovetails with Total’s strategy. It gives us a chance to access a new giant field and add an oil asset with low technical costs to our portfolio, in a region in which we historically have strong roots.” Guillaume Chalmin, Managing Director, Total E&P Qatar and Group Representative in Qatar Al Shaheen accounts for nearly half of Qatar’s oil production. Innovation FOR MORE INFORMATION OUR COMMITMENT 05 After successfully developing earlier phases of the giant South Pars gas field in the 2000s, we signed a heads of agreement in November 2016 to return to Iran to operate a new, conventional offshore phase of the field, which is located in the Persian Gulf. Developing this gigantic sedimentary dome reflects our intention of expanding our activity in the Middle East, the birthplace of our company, through a gas project with a long production plateau. South Pars 11 will have a production capacity of 1.8 billion cubic feet of gas — or 370,000 barrels of oil equivalent — per day. Oil and gas are our core business. We aim to keep growing in both, to supply an energy mix that meets the global needs of the coming decades, while upholding the highest safety and environmental standards. “South Pars is the world’s biggest gas field, offering easy-to-access resources that can be developed at low technical costs.” Eric Festa, Managing Director, Total E&P South Pars 1st major to return to Iran, ensuring strict compliance with international law OUR COMMITMENT AFFORDABLE, RELIABLE, CLEAN ENERGY Natural Gas FOR MORE INFORMATION 06 • AT A GLANCE One aspect of supplying cleaner energy is offering an energy mix that takes into account the International Energy Agency’s 2°C scenario. PRODUCING LOWER-CARBON OIL AND GAS We aim to steadily lower the carbon intensity of the energy we produce by halting routine flaring on all our oil projects between now and 2030, producing more natural gas, and developing carbon capture, utilization and storage technology. DEVELOPING RENEWABLE ENERGIES To cut emissions, we also produce renewables and are moving into new businesses that help them take hold, such as energy storage and power trading. Solar and renewable energies from biomass are ideal partners for oil and gas to meet energy demand from the growing population. IMPROVING THE ENERGY EFFICIENCY OF OUR FACILITIES The IEA’s 2°C scenario assumes major progress in energy efficiency. That’s why it’s vital that we continue our push to continuously make our production facilities more energy efficient. Our goal for the 2010-2020 period is to improve efficiency by 1% a year. OUR COMMITMENT “Total’s acquisition of Lampiris will enable us to offer, little by little, combined natural gas and power supply packages in France and Belgium, enhanced by the Group’s other activities such as residential solar and energy efficiency services.” Sophie Audic, General Manager France, Lampiris AFFORDABLE, RELIABLE, CLEAN ENERGY Climate Report FOR MORE INFORMATION 07 KEEP UP WITH OUR CUSTOMERS’ CHANGING NEEDS In a fast-changing world being reshaped by the digital transformation, new consumer trends and concerns about the environment, we must constantly reinvent ourselves. We are looking to closeness to customers, innovation and quality services to adapt and anticipate future trends. 08 • AT A GLANCE There’s only one way to embrace the challenges of anticipating changing energy needs and developing new products and services close to the customer, and that’s to innovate. A good example is natural gas vehicle fuel, an alternative fuel that can be used for all types of transportation. Intended mainly for trucking companies and transporters, it signals our intention of offering a range of fuels at our service stations. PROVIDING CONVENIENT, INNOVATIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE A DENSE NETWORK EVER CLOSER TO CUSTOMERS Drivers can already fill up their tanks with natural gas vehicle fuel at 450 Total stations in Europe — France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy — as well as in Egypt and Pakistan. We’d like to speed up its deployment. Our acquisition of the Dutch company PitPoint B.V., the third-largest provider of natural gas vehicle fuel in Europe, will help us add another 350 such stations to our network by 2022, making us an integrated leader in Europe. We’re aiming especially high in France. We plan to become the natural gas vehicle fuel leader and open 110 stations there by 2026, creating a dense network conveniently close to our customers throughout the country. INNOVATING TO CREATE ALTERNATIVE TRANSPORTATION OPTIONS Always mindful of the need to shrink our environmental and health footprint and that of our customers, we routinely innovate, especially in the field of transportation. Natural gas vehicle fuel, which includes both compressed and liquefied natural gas, is an example. It emits far fewer particulates and much less nitrogen oxide (NOx) than conventional fuels, helping to improve air quality. Plus, powertrains that run on this fuel are quieter and sharply reduce noise intrusion. By anticipating demand for natural gas vehicle fuel, we intend to promote the emergence of alternative energies and sustainable transportation options for our customers. 350 additional stations in Europe by 2022 Natural Gas Vehicle Fuel Innovation Natural Gas FOR MORE INFORMATION OUR COMMITMENT 09 We do not limit our energy efficiency goals to our facilities, which is why we aim to find innovative solutions to optimize energy performance and mitigate the environmental impact of our products, too. HELPING OUR CUSTOMERS SHRINK THEIR ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT To help our customers manage energy better, we offer a comprehensive line of services. To that end, we’re tapping the knowledge and expertise of our energy efficiency affiliates BHC Energy in France and TENAG in Germany to offer a line of services ranging from carrying out energy audits to leading energy efficiency investment projects. Energy management also requires quality products. That’s what prompted us to create the Total Ecosolutions label. Its 90-plus products and services cover a multitude of fields, including transportation (Total Excellium fuels for cars and biojet fuel for aviation), housing (solar panels and expanded polystyrene for insulation), infrastructure (asphalt and drilling fluids), packaging (eco-efficient plastics) and agriculture (engine oils for farm vehicle engines, crop protection oils and thick films for agricultural applications). All Total Ecosolutions products and services significantly outperform the market standard in terms of environmental or health impact, for an equivalent outcome. 1.75 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent avoided in 2016 thanks to our Total Ecosolutions products and services, which corresponds to the annual emissions of nearly 196,000 European Union residents. Climate Change Innovation FOR MORE INFORMATION OUR COMMITMENT 10 • AT A GLANCE Adjusted net income of $8.3 billion $149.7 billion Revenue of More than $1 billion allocated to R&D employees 98,109 at January 31, 2017 after the sale of Atotech 4 million+ customers a day served at Total service stations worldwide 800+ production plants KEY FIGURES 11 12 • AT A GLANCE MORE Find all our publications at and more information about our projects and commitments in our online ecosystem. Registration Document Integrating Climate Into Our Strategy Corporate Communications TOTAL S.A. 2, place Jean-Millier 92400 Courbevoie, France Tel.: +33 (0)1 47 44 45 46 Share capital: e6,207,262,032.50 Registered in Nanterre: R.C.S. 542 051 180 Avec Ecofolio tous les papiers se recyclent. M ay 2 01 7 - P ho to c re di ts : P at riz ia D i F io re , B er na rd B la is e, T om H ag a, M ic he l L ab el le , D am ie n M al fe re , P at ric k S or do ille t, © M ae rs k O il, © A ge nc e C ya n 10 0 en B re ta gn e. • Total is a major energy player committed to supplying affordable energy to a growing population, addressing climate change and meeting new customer expectations. Those commitments guide what we do. With operations in more than 130 countries, we are a global integrated energy producer and provider, a leading international oil and gas company, and a major player in solar energy with Total Solar and our affiliate SunPower. We explore for, produce, transform, market and distribute energy in a variety of forms, to serve the end customer. Our 98,000 employees are committed to better energy that is safer, cleaner, more efficient, more innovative and accessible to as many people as possible. As a responsible corporate citizen, we focus on ensuring that our operations worldwide consistently deliver economic, social and environmental benefits. Our ambition is to become the responsible energy major.