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AbleVIEW® Industrial-Grade Computer Desks

ImageVision is the leading supplier of ultra-heavy-duty, all-steel computer desks for rugged industrial applications. Our AbleVIEW industrial computer desk accommodates enclosed CRT’s, flat panel monitors and all types of specialized panel-mounted control and monitoring equipment. It is the most rugged computer workstation on the market, bar none. Based on 14 gauge steel frame and including front, side, and rear panels constructed from powder-coated 16 gauge sheet metal, AbleVIEW is built to last like no other industrial computer workstation. This all-steel construction was specially designed to help your control room monitoring, metering, and operating equipment last, even under heavy use in demanding applications; especially those requiring gasketed cabinets. AbleVIEW is rugged enough to withstand harsh work environments and environmental hazards related to smelting, mining, and refining, for example. At the same time, every one of our workstations adheres to important ergonomics design principles to ensure user comfort and productivity. Features Include: All-Steel Construction: Powder-coated 14 gauge steel frame and 16 gauge steel front, side, and rear panels are made to endure years of use in the most demanding control and process room settings. Modular Flexibility: Modular AbleVIEW control room furniture helps future-proof your control room planning. Easily add on to accommodate additional operators, monitors and equipment. Customizable Front Panels: Need monitor-level operator controls? Completely open panels? Blank panels? Customized equipment or flat panel monitors? Eye-level EIA racks? You spec it, we build it. 30-inch Equipment Cabinets: Deep, roomy base cabinets provide ultra versatility. Hinged lockable steel doors come standard. Specify optional pull-out CPU trays, EIA tracks, shelving, and more. Removable Vented Lift Off Panels: AbleVIEW 1-tier turret console offer lift off rear removable panels with vented slots. Easy access for IT and vented slots allow for air movement. AbleVIEW industrial computer desks arrive at your site fully assembled. They ship shrink-wrapped, edge-protected and palletized. Just unpack, level, and go.

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