Estik Electronic Surface Thermometer

Engineered for a wide range of critical temperature monitoring applications, Tempil’s (Elk Grove Village, IL) upgraded Estik eliminates the need for supervisors to carry multiple temperature indicators.

Estik delivers temperature readings by directly touching the surface of the materials being inspected and displays surface temperatures with an accuracy of +/- 2%. Measuring surface temperature from 32°F to 999°F (0°C to 537°C), Tempil Estik automatically reads all standard pre-heating, interpass and cool-down temperatures, and can be used on polished or non-polished surfaces.

The Tempil Estik is designed for use with solid stationary surfaces, including pipeline construction (pressure and non-pressure), oil rig fabrication, welding and metal fabrication, motor and bearings housings and overall industrial maintenance.

A certified NIST Traceable unit is also available.  This specially tested and certified product comes with a temperature verification certificate that documents conformity to NIST standards and is included with the product. 

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