DeltaPoint Drawback


Rocon Announces New Product Based on DeltaPoint® Water Saver
DeltaPoint® Drawback Designed to Reduce Water on Factory Floor During Welding Tip Loss

Rocon LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Universal Flow Monitors, Inc., announces the DeltaPoint® Drawback, a water saver with an added air cylinder for resistance welders that is designed to reduce water on plant floors during cap replacement.
The Rocon DeltaPoint® water saver monitors tip loss by comparing flow in and out of the weld cell, stopping water flow in both directions when a difference in flow is detected or if the overall flow is too low. A drawback air cylinder added to the DeltaPoint® holds the water that would otherwise leak onto the shop floor during a cap change event in the cooling water lines. When the drawback cylinder is activated by the water saver, it holds the water in the hose until reset is initiated. There is no need for additional hardware as the required time delay is built into the water saver.
DeltaPoint® tip-loss monitors are equipped with vortex shedding flowmeters that require minimal maintenance, are not affected by dirt in water, and have no moving parts to clog, wear or repair. DeviceNet interface is a standard feature of the DeltaPoint® units and other protocols are available on demand.
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