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Blend 25,000 Pounds an Hour

National Bulk's high-volume material mixing system can process 25,000 pounds per hour of homogeneously blended material.

National Bulk Equipment has fully integrated this high-volume material mixing system with twin, high-speed, 2,500-pound capacity box dumpers and two 8-inch (dia.) discharge spouts to completely process, from introduction to downstream supply, 25,000 pounds per hour of homogeneously blended material. According to the company, the system further boasts:

  • Integrated automation to control every process action — from container dumping, level sensing and mix auger sequencing to operation of the discharge valves.
  • Increased total material throughput per shift, improved material blend quality and reduced labor allocation.
  • A 14-inch (dia.) auger to mix semi-free-flowing material in a 15-inch (dia.), 10-gauge mix tube.
  • In-feed scoop blades (at the base of the mixing auger) and broad-throw dispersion paddles (at the top) for a homogenous and consistent blend supply to downstream processes.
  • Centralized system control, communication, monitoring and reporting to a single, UL-listed human-machine interface.
  • A 30-HP, totally enclosed, fully cooled motor to ensure reliable, extended-duty performance.

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