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Highly Accurate Temperature Calibrators

The JOFRA™ Professional Temperature Calibrators (PTC) Series offers a wide range of innovative features along with AMETEK’s long history of providing reliable, low-drift calibration instruments.

Professional Temperature CalibratorsAMETEK Test & Calibration Instrument’s latest addition, the JOFRA™ Professional Temperature Calibrators (PTC)  Series, offers a wide range of innovative features along with AMETEK’s long history of providing reliable, low-drift calibration instruments. Highlights of the series include:

  • Series has been specifically designed to provide an intuitive, easy-to-use interface combined with the well-known high accuracy and stability of the calibrators.
  • Features an active dual heating zone system that provides high temperature uniformity in the insert, regardless of the number or size of the sensors immersed.
  • Calibrators offer unique intelligent sensors for plug ‘n’ play connectivity, an easy-to-read full-color VGA display, and a USB connection for improved communications and software downloads.
  • An optional reference sensor measures the temperature in the calibrator’s insert and provides feedback to an active dual-zone temperature system that compensates for the temperature differences resulting from testing various sensors.
  • The reference sensor allows the calibrator to perform highly accurate temperature calibrations with varying sensor sizes, even with multiple sensors under test.
  • Series includes a newly designed STS-150 (Superior Temperature Standard) reference sensor that is angled at 90 degrees and customized so the top of the sensor is only slightly higher than the top of the calibrator.
  • The unique design makes it possible for the series to calibrate threaded sensors and sensors with connection heads.
  • The STS-150 sensor contains all individual calibration data regarding the sensor, allowing users to change the reference sensor and be up and running immediately. 
  • Three versions are offered including: the PTC-155 which covers a temperature range of -25°C to 155°C (-22°F to 311°F), the PTC-350 which covers a higher temperature range of 33°C to 350°C (91°F to 662°F), and the PTC 660 which handles temperatures ranging from 33°C to 660°C (91°F to 1220°F).
  • Along with a wide temperature range, the calibrators have increased heating and cooling speeds, making them even more versatile and cost effective.
  • Each version is available in three models:  PTC-A professional temperature calibrator, PTC-B professional temperature calibrator with input for a reference sensor and sensor-under-test, and PTC-C professional temperature calibrator with input for reference sensors.
  • All models come with AMETEK JOFRACAL proprietary software package as standard.  
  • PTC Series calibrators are rugged, lightweight and available with a highly functional carrying case for improved portability and convenience.