PC Maker Sues Google Over Chrome PCs

NEW YORK (AP) — A small computer maker and patent holding company, ISYS Technologies Inc., on Monday said it has filed a lawsuit against Google Inc. to stop it from marketing PCs running its Google Chrome software as "Chromebook" and "Chromebox."

ISYS's subsidiary Xi3 Corp. started using the term ChromiumPC for a planned PC running Chrome or its Chromium variant in 2009, it said. Google is now opposing ISYS's application for the "ChromiumPC" trademark because it would confuse consumers, the ISYS said.

Efforts to resolve the dispute amicably with Google have reached "an impasse," said ISYS, which is based in Littleton, Colo.

Google did not reply to a message seeking comment on the suit.

ISYS said it plans to have the ChromiumPC on the market this fall. Chromebooks from Acer Inc. and Samsung Electronics are expected to go on sale this month.