Honda To Continue Halving Production At N. American Plants

NEW YORK, Nov. 8 (Kyodo) — Honda Motor Co. said Tuesday it will continue halving production at its North American plants through Nov. 25 as flooding in Thailand has disrupted the supply of some key electronic parts sourced from the country.

The production cuts may persist for some time, with the automaker stating that the "situation will require adjustments for the next several weeks."

The Thai flooding has also forced Toyota Motor Corp. to continue production adjustments at its North American plants, fueling worries over the impact on Japanese manufacturers in their key North American market.

Honda, which has been halving production in North America since early this month, said it will continue to temporarily adjust automobile production at all of its six four-wheel vehicle plants in the United States and Canada.

Honda will also stop production there on Friday and on Nov. 18. The company will decide its course of action for the period after Nov. 28 based on the Thai situation.