Infor Announces Live Webinar: 'Manufacturing @ the Speed of Change'

Infor recently announced an upcoming live webinar series entitled “Manufacturing @ the Speed of Change.”

The series is scheduled to kick off Oct. 30 and run through Nov. 29. It will feature 24 topics over four weeks. These topics will detail how to accelerate performance and profits despite rapidly evolving market pressures.  Furthermore, it will touch on manufacturing trends, best practices, and predictions for future opportunities.

The series opens Oct. 30 with Bob Parker, a leading industry analyst from IDC Manufacturing Insights. Parker will lay the groundwork for the entire series with his presentation: “Overcoming Market Pressures to Surpass the Competition.”

Each week features a different theme with three keynotes and three vertical-specific sessions. Several manufacturing verticals will be represented. They include industrial manufacturing, aerospace and defense, automotive, food and beverage, high-tech, and more.

The schedule is as follows:

Oct 30-Nov 1: Keeping pace with market changes
Nov 6-8:         Compliance and customers: managing risk and fueling sales
Nov 13-15:     Optimizing the last mile: product design, development, and cost control
Nov 27-29:     People, processes, and technology: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Topics:             Overcoming Market Pressures to Surpass Competition
                        Globalization: Threat or Opportunity – Building Operational Excellence
                        Improving Operational Excellence through Enhanced Decision-Making
                        Building Customer Loyalty through Responsive Value-Add Service. 
                        Achieve a 360° View of Your Customer
                        Navigating the International Energy Management Market                                
                        Deliver finished goods to your customers effectively at low cost 
                        S&OP Back to Basics – Avoiding the ‘Shiny Objects Syndrome'
                        Why your ERP doesn’t support R&D
                        Are You Ready for the Social, Mobile Enterprise?
                        Achieving Brand Promise with the Right Talent at the Right Time
                        Reinventing Business Processes
                        Ingredients for Speed & Innovation in Food and Beverage
                        Become a Value Added Supplier while Reducing Costs in the Chemical Industry
                        Case Study: Skills Inc. Captures Growth
                        Get the Most from your Plant Assets
                        Equipped for Compliance 
                        Least Cost Formulation as a Competitive Advantage
                        The Global Pressures on Fashion  
                        Fashion Manufacturing Practices At Work  
                        Today’s Cloud Strategies for Growth
                        How Smart Manufacturers Manage their Plants and Facilities
                        Controlling Costs in Discrete Manufacturing

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