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U.S. And Canadian Food Recalls Spike Over 3-Year Period

A growing trend is affecting virtually all sectors of the food supply chain. From common ingredients to ready-to-eat items, food recalls are up over 250 percent  since 2008.

Cincinnati, OH (SAGE) — A growing trend is affecting virtually all sectors of the food supply chain. From common ingredients to ready-to-eat items, food recalls are up over 250%  since 2008.

Shedding light and bringing in-depth analysis and commentary to this finding is a newly released Comprehensive Recall Data Analysis Report prepared by Gale Prince of SAGE Food Safety Consultants, a renowned international authority on food safety and defense. In its second year of distribution, the Recall Report is the only report of its kind to provide a comprehensive overview of the food safety landscape while serving as a vital analysis and reporting tool for upper management and today’s food safety executive. With each subsequent annual report, processors and retailers have a library of information to measure and gauge their own performance while remaining apprised of critically important trends and potential risks.

Prince stated; “Catching trends early contributes to mitigating risk and protecting consumer health. For example, for the first time ever, food allergen recalls have outnumbered those due to microbiological contamination as the reason firms have had to remove product from the marketplace. Understanding product hazards is essential in enhancing food safety programs required under the Food Safety Modernization Act.” He added; “Every recall contains a teachable moment from which we can learn how to prevent future food safety problems.”

The Comprehensive Recall Data Analysis Report reviews critical recall data gathered from the key regulatory agencies and analyzes it by commodity grouping, by reason, by microbiological contaminant, by allergen, and other factors. The report also contains useful information from FDA Import Alerts and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) trends in multi-state outbreaks. Vital statistics are available in graphical and easy-to-read formats, with expert commentary on important recent recall trends, a summary of the current regulatory environment, and practical recommendations on how companies can improve their own food safety protocols.

For more information or to obtain the new 2011 Comprehensive Recall Data Analysis Report, visit the SAGE website at or call toll free at (888) 775-7243 (SAGE).

SAGE Food Safety Consultants was founded to serve the food-industry-at-large by helping raise awareness and providing expert counsel concerning food safety compliance and the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Led by Gale Prince and Jennifer Frankenberg, the company offers consultation and reporting services, as well as conducting national and international speaking engagements. Clients include the largest U.S. and international food companies and retailers.