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MM Blog: Panasonic’s New Robotic Exoskeleton

A look at a mechanical exoskeleton that could be the future of warehouse safety.

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Electronics manufacturer Panasonic recently introduced its latest achievement in utilizing robotics technology. In a video, Panasonic highlights an incredible range of “assist robots” designed to help support the everyday lives of industrial or heavy equipment workers, as well as the elderly or those with mobility issues. Using advanced control and sensor technologies, Panasonic developed robots equipped with motors to literally assist with human body mechanics.

These robotic exoskeleton suits help its wearers lift and carry heavy loads by sensing the wearer’s motion when attempting a more difficult task. When detected, the suit sends a signal to the motor, which tells the suit to jump into action. There are a few different models of Panasonic’s power suit, but there are two specifically designed for industrial settings that are ideal for construction workers or warehouse employees. One model called the Power Loader has four sensors in the hands and feet that controls 20 motors, all of which helps the wearer reduce stress on their lower back and work more quickly and efficiently.


Could you imagine utilizing robotic exoskeletons within your manufacturing enterprise? In what other settings do you think these “assist robots” could prove useful?

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