5 Important Reasons to Keep Maintenance History

With advances in technology recording maintenance history has become very straightforward. Eagle Technology’s Proteus CMMS software provides an easy way of scheduling and tracking equipment maintenance. Recording maintenance history accurately leads to failure prevention and drives awareness about equipment maintenance. CMMS software will also narrow down performance issues to parts and elements of your equipment (bearings, pressure systems, etc.). Problems like these that are exposed through maintenance history leads to perfecting and streamlining operations. Ultimately, recording maintenance history has many advantages, and the five major benefits are listed below. 
1) Inspection and Compliance
Provide correct documentation for inspectors using CMMS software. CMMS software will allow you to track the performance of your equipment and demonstrate to inspectors that your equipment meets standards and certifications. For example boiler history can be differentiated amongst multiple boilers, and the CMMS records can be presented upon inspection.
2) Budgeting and Capital Expenditures
Using CMMS software helps management with planning annual budgets because CMMS software produces reliable maintenance and repair data. For example if you know that you have to replace a conveyer belt every 3 months, you will know the cost, and the number of conveyer belts that you need in your inventory. As a result, the budget for conveyer belts can be easily established. Using CMMS in this manner for all equipment related budget planning increases efficiency and can reduce costs with precise budget planning. On top of this, Eagle’s Proteus CMMS software has an optional barcode feature for inventory tracking.
3) Replacing Equipment
Keeping maintenance history leads to replacing equipment, which leads to cost savings. The data accumulated over time will unmask patterns in repairs, failures, and expenditures. If a machine breaks down every 3 weeks and costs $3000 per year to repair, it could be more cost effective to replace that machine for $5,000. Notably the new machine could include a warranty and equipment upgrades that reduce equipment failures and/or costs. Conversely you could find that maintenance is indeed less expensive than replacing the entire machine.
4) Labor
Labor becomes more productive because employees and maintenance tasks are tracked, which eliminates redundant work. Using Proteus CMMS software automated work order scheduling, employees know when they are scheduled to perform maintenance duties. At the same time
management knows who worked on what and when, reducing overlapping and unnecessary labor.
5) Transcends People
Since maintenance history is recorded, work can be easily transferred to the next team or individual when the staff changes. Proteus CMMS software also includes detailed reporting features that can be used to present data and performance to upper management.
After reading about maintaining accurate maintenance history, how do your operations compare? Are you still running things on an as-needed basis or even using a whiteboard? Recording maintenance is one of the best things that management can achieve because from an operations standpoint, the benefits outweigh the effort by far.