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Quality Control's Silver Lining

Liners are a simple, cost-effective of protecting your product against moisture, oxygen, odor, grease, and other contaminates.

B.A.G. Corp's linersToday’s competitive business environment demands quality control and assurance in the handling, storing and shipping of chemical, food, pharmaceutical and specialty mineral products. Achieving a successful bulk package to handle these goods requires that the product “fit” the most suitable bulk package available. Quality raw material bulk packaging demands solutions that consider cost-competitiveness, environmental sensitivity, durability and reusability to help you get the most out of your Super Sack FIBC (bulk bag), box or drum.

Liners can enhance your existing container's strengths, extending and adding to its capabilities to protect product against moisture, oxygen, odor, grease, and other contaminates. Black film liners can help reduce deterioration caused by harmful UV rays. Liners can also provide static control, prevent product leakage, and help maximize the container working life, while reducing environmental impact by rendering the containers reusable. Possibly the greatest benefit is the significant bulk packaging cost savings that liners can generate.

Tubular and form-fit liner designs are available in a variety of films to meet the requirements of your product and process. Specialty films include conductive, anti-static, and micropored foil to accommodate static-control applications. Foil, Saranex, Nylon, and various co-extruded blends are examples of films that provide excellent barriers against both moisture and oxygen.  However, one of the polyethylene films, such as linear low density or high density PE, is the most common liner film for container applications. If the product or process requires it, any of the above liners can be attached to the container in one of several ways, including tabs or glue.

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