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Cyber Monday Car Shopping Insights

A recent survey looks at how willing American consumers are to shop for vehicles on Cyber Monday.

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Cyber Monday is typically known as the day for getting great online holiday shopping deals—primarily with a focus on toys, electronics and clothing. But what about vehicles? Recently, Jumpstart Automotive Media decided to find out the answer to that question with a survey of approximately 2,500 Americans across the U.S. by gauging their willingness to car shop on Cyber Monday. Here are a few of the insights obtained from that survey:

Which items do you plan to shop for during Cyber Monday?

  • Home goods (20.3 percent)
  • Jewelry (19.5 percent)
  • Electronics / Tech (16.1 percent)
  • Toys (16.1 percent)
  • Clothing (14.4 percent)
  • Autos (13.6 percent) — 22 percent of men said autos vs. 9.1 percent of women

While 40 percent polled said their perception is that there are no "special deals" on autos during Cyber Monday, 26 percent said they thought car shopping on this day was a great idea. An additional 5 percent said they’d shop for vehicles on Cyber Monday if they could complete everything without going to a dealership. Twenty-six percent said they’re too busy shopping for other items to think about car shopping. 

What type of deal would entice you to shop for a vehicle on Cyber Monday?

  • At least $1,000 off sticker (34 percent)
  • At least $1,500 off sticker (25 percent)
  • At least $500 off sticker (23 percent)
  • At least $2,000 or more off sticker (11 percent)
  • I would not want to shop for a vehicle on Cyber Monday (5 percent)

Diving deeper in these numbers, 47 percent of men said they would be enticed by a deal of at least $1,000 off sticker price, and 33 percent by at least $1,500 off. Women said they would be enticed by even smaller deals with 35 percent saying they would be enticed by at least $500 off sticker and 25 percent with at least $1K off sticker price. 

Jumpstart Automotive Media found it especially interesting that both men and women responded that they were interested in giving a gift towards a new car purchase, either through a gift card (34 percent) or a contribution to a down payment (30 percent). 

So what type of vehicle would Americans be interested in on Cyber Monday? 

  • SUV or Crossover (34 percent)
  • Pickup Truck (15 percent)
  • Luxury car (15 percent)
  • Entry-level or small car (11 percent)
  • Full-size car (7 percent)
  • Mid-size car (7 percent)
  • Hybrid or Electric vehicle (3 percent)
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