Security Breach: 'They're Hitting Everyone They Can'

How and why hackers are targeting smaller enterprises, and one organization's efforts to defend manufacturing.

We all know that cyberattacks in the industrial sector continue to rise and create new production, supply chain and data management challenges throughout the industrial sector.

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And conversations on this podcast have covered numerous reasons as to why these numbers continue to grow, ranging from vulnerabilities being created by new IoT-based connection points and a lack of visibility within the OT infrastructure, to an insufficient number of OT security specialists and the constantly evolving nature of hackers and cyber gangs that are growing smarter and more complex. 

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We’ve also discussed the need for transparency in sharing information related to ongoing attacks and the challenges they create, whether it be through regulation, industry standards or trade groups. 

Well, our guest for today offers a great example of how one company is looking to arm manufacturers with data and insight that could prove invaluable in developing and adjusting their cybersecurity plans to meet new demands. Listen to our conversation with Dawn Cappelli, former Rockwell Automation CISO and current OT CERT Director at Dragos, a leading provider of industrial cybersecurity solutions.

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