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Security Breach: The Ransomware Roller Coaster

How a dip in reported ransomware attacks could be disguising a push to target smaller manufacturers.

Today’s episode offers some new takes on a familiar topic – the rollercoaster-like dynamics of ransomware attacks. One of the latest updates comes via Kovrr and their Ransomware Threat Landscape report for the first half of 2023. 

The firm found that while the number of reported ransomware attacks was down, manufacturing remains atop the most attacked sectors – with nearly one out of every five ransomware attacks focusing on the industrial sector, and nearly 60 percent of targeted companies registering less than $50 million in annual revenues. The report also found a collection of the usual suspects amongst the most active RaaS groups and why manufacturers should be ready for another spike in attacks.

Guy Propper, a data team lead at Kovrr, joins us to discuss these groups, how they often know more about your system than you do, and additional findings that show how these attacks have become more concentrated, more sophisticated and capable of evolving more quickly.

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