Photos Of The Day: Space Tourism Via Stratospheric Balloon

A balloon flight company is one step closer to commercializing space travel.

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World View, an Arizona-based balloon flight company, just came one step closer to commercializing space travel.

The company recently successfully conducted a test flight from a nearby Arizona airfield, which means it’s ready for the next step: full-scale test flights.

World View’s ultimate goal is to send commercial passengers more than 100,000 feet above the Earth in a pressurized capsule under a high-altitude balloon. Not only would the six-hour journey feature out-of-this-world views, but World View’s cabin also includes cocktails and onboard WiFi — all for an even $75,000.

Although undoubtedly pricey, these stratospheric balloon journeys are supposedly much smoother and significantly cheaper than using a rocket-powered plane for all your space-travel needs.

World View hopes to begin manned flights in 2017.

Would you venture into space via high-altitude, helium-filled balloon?

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All images courtesy of World View

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