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Oracle Netsuite: AI Survival Guide

The skillsets that can help optimize the potential of artificial intelligence investments.

Join editors Jeff Reinke and David Mantey as they discuss a topic that has risen in prominence and necessity throughout the industrial sector – Artificial Intelligence.

More specifically, the duo discusses:

  • How AI has impacted  the priority level that manufacturers are putting on certain tools and skillsets in optimizing the potential of AI.
  • The ways in which AI can amplify the capabilities of a workforce.
  • The types of skillsets, training and experience that can help an organization get the most from investments in artificial intelligence, including:
    • Developing deeper industry expertise in providing greater context and guidance for AI model development, and to interpret AI-driven outputs.
    • Data visualization to ensure concise, clear, and actionable insights for making more informed decisions.
    • Data science acumen for analyzing vast amounts of information that traditional models fail to account for when making key decisions. This could include past sales data, global economic indicators, competitor product releases, and more.

Oracle Netsuite is a tremendous resource for strategies and best practices related to integrating AI into your enterprise, and you can learn more about their offerings at

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