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Stanley's Craftsman Reshoring Failure; Tornado Hits Pfizer Plant; Skilled Labor Problem Hurts U.S. Chip Factory | Today in Manufacturing Ep. 129

Also on the podcast, the supersonic X-59 nears its first flight, building solar panels over water canals, U.S. pulls plug on lithium project, new rule could save coal miners from black lung and cobots take on the dull and dangerous jobs.

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Every week, we cover the five biggest stories in manufacturing, and the implications they have on the industry moving forward. This week: 

Solar Panels on Water Canals Seem Like a No-Brainer - @2:33

Eight years ago, Jordan Harris and Robin Raj first pitched their idea to address water loss and climate pollution, they wanted to build solar panels over irrigation canals. Eight years ago, nobody cared.

Apple Chip Supplier Delays U.S. Plant Due to Lack of Skilled Labor - @12:50

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) recently announced a problem that will push back the opening of its $12 billion plant in Arizona.

Tornado Damages Pfizer Plant in North Carolina - @23:29

All employees were safely evacuated, but parts of several roofs were ripped off and large quantities of medicine, like 50,000 pallets of medicine, were thrown around the facility.

Supersonic X-59 Nears First Flight - @35:36

NASA and Lockheed Martin are looking to make supersonic flight, over land, possible once again.

Why Stanley’s Plan to Reshore Craftsman Failed - @46:01

In 2017, Stanley bought Craftsman from a beleaguered Sears for about $900 million.

In Case You Missed It

U.S. Pulls Plug on Authorization for Lithium Exploration - @1:01:12

Federal land managers have withdrawn authorization to a Canadian mining company's lithium exploration project.

After Decades of Delays and Broken Promises, Coal Miners Hail Rule to Slow Rise of Black Lung - @1:05:35

A half-century ago, the nation's top health experts urged the federal agency in charge of mine safety to adopt strict rules protecting miners from poisonous rock dust.

Cobots Take on Dull, Dirty & Dangerous Jobs - @1:10:03

Collaborative robots (cobots) were developed for manufacturing applications like machine tending, assembly, welding and palletizing. But the ease of use and versatility have them showing up in industries that might come as a shock to some.

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