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Security Breach: Data that Will Identify and Defeat Hackers

Vital defensive tactics that go beyond the attacker.

The sensor and communication technology associated with remote monitoring capabilities has proven to be both a time-saving and productivity enhancing tool, as well as a potentially debilitating cyber defense vulnerability for the industrial sector. 

The issues stem from a combination of internal failures and the evolution of highly innovative criminals, which was recently assessed in Cyolo’s State of Industrial Secure Remote Access report 

Their report shows that larger industrial organizations can have over 50 remote users every day. This quantity of off-site employees logging into industrial control systems reinforces the top three areas of deficiency cited by respondents – a lack of visibility, insufficient user training, and weak internal access controls.

Our guest for today’s episode, Kevin Kumpf, Chief OT/ICS Security Strategist at Cyolo, will offer some color on these challenges, as well as some potential solutions.

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