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Stench from NJ Pet Food Factory Agitating Neighbors

One resident described it as a “'rotting, dog food-like excrement smell."

Neighbors of a New Jersey dog treat factory are fed up with its smell.

An Aug. 11 report from WNBC-TV New York detailed complaints from residents in Neptune City, NJ against a Nylabone plant on the Jersey Shore.

“What I smell is like a rotting, dog food-like excrement smell,” one neighbor told the news station. Said another: “It’s nauseating. Instant headaches until, like, you’re nauseous.”

The factory has been next door to the neighborhood for decades, but smell complaints didn’t ramp up until dog treat production was recently consolidated there.

Commenting on the matter, Nylabone’s president Glen Axelrod said, "Are we going to be able to solve it 100%? No, and I never promised 100%...100% is not realistically achievable so I wouldn't promise something that's not achievable.”

Axelrod said the company has recently spent over $2 million on odor abatement, charcoal filters and other improvements. He added that what residents are smelling is non-toxic and simply the process of making dog treats.

“If it were a bakery, you'd be smelling baked food; if we were a steakhouse, you'd be smelling steak," he said.

WNBC said it’s not clear what legal steps residents can take against the factory, though they are talking with an attorney.

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