Condiment Maker Expands in Ohio to Meet Growing Demand

The company ran out of space in Maryland.


Tulkoff Food Products is a fourth-generation, family-owned manufacturer of condiments, dressings, ingredients, and specialty sauces. 

The company dates back to the 1920s when its founders bottled and sold horseradish at a farmer’s market. 

Based in Baltimore, Tulkoff makes more than 400 unique products used in the retail, food service, private label, co-pack and industrial markets.

While the company started in horseradish, the company now produces garlic, ginger, pesto, seafood sauces, flavored butters, assorted aiolis and other custom sauces. 

On July 30, Tulkoff announced plans to expand into a new location in Cincinnati. The move comes as a result of increasing demand, particularly in the company’s private label and co-pack business. 

The building was owned by a previous food manufacturer, but will be updated with 52,000 square feet of manufacturing space and 7,300 square feet of administrative space.

The expansion will be fully operational by early 2021 and initially create 25 new jobs to manage the facility and manufacture products. 

The building and manufacturing processes will be Safe Qualified Food Institute (SQF) certified. Capabilities will include:

  • Dry and refrigerated storage
  • Hot and cold fill
  • Emulsion products
  • Glass or plastic bottles, from 4 ounce to one gallon
  • Plastic tubs 8 to 32 ounces
  • Full shrink sleeve packaging

In a statement, Phil Tulkoff, president and CEO, says the company was running out of space in Baltimore. He hopes this investment will prevent the company from turning down business in the future. 

According to Ruth Madison, director of sales and marketing, Tulkoff historically is known for its horseradish and tiger sauce when it comes to retail products. In the U.S., the company is known as a sole supplier of horseradish and garlic for all major foodservice distributors and groups for horseradish and garlic. 

Madison says, "If a customer is out at a restaurant and finds a menu item with horseradish in it, that is likely going to be Tulkoff."

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