Simplifying CIP Security

The new proxy device can be used across a facility's network and devices.

Rockwell 1783 Csp Cip Security Proxy Right (2)

Recently unveiled to assist manufacturers with CIP security is the Allen-Bradley CIP Security Proxy from Rockwell Automation. Features and capabilities include:

  • Can cover nearly the entire network by working with EtherNet/IP-compliant devices.
  • Helps defend against attacks where threat actors can remotely access a network and act maliciously.
  • The ability to provide CIP Security for a single device via a layer of security that also protects the entire system.
  • Configuration for the proxy device can be achieved through FactoryTalk Policy Manager software and FactoryTalk system services.
  • Supports motion for Kinetix drives and offers a web server for viewing diagnostics.
  • Allows for secure event generation syslog support and includes rotary switches for IP addressing.
  • Contains three one-gigabit EtherNet/IP ports and can operate in temperatures from -25° to +70° Celsius.
  • Allows users with non-CIP Security-embedded products to define and implement their unique migration roadmap to a CIP Security architecture.
  • It also provides a path forward for non-CIP Security-capable products.

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