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New Buffing Kits Serve Metal Finishing, Metal Restoration, Polishing Enthusiasts

Featuring two mandrel mounted buff kits for drills and two kits for bench grinders.

7500013 7500014 Buff Kits For Drills Clamshell Erased
Dico Products

Dico Products (Utica, NY) , a division of the Divine Brothers Company, announced new retail packaged buffing kits for the metal finishing, metal restoration and polishing enthusiasts.


  • Two mandrel mounted buff kits for drills are #7500013 and 7500014, for precious metals and general purpose, respectively
  • Two kits for bench grinders are # 7500015 and 7500016, for precious metals only and general purpose
  • Kits for drills are packed with 4” diameter mandrel mounted buffing wheels, while bench grinder kits have 6” diameter buffs
  • All four kits match Dico compounds with appropriate buffing wheels
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