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Dynastrip OMS: The New HVOF Coating Stripper

It runs at a lowered operating temperature, which reduces energy expenditure.

Plasma Hvof Coating Services 1

The Dynastrip OMS effectively and economically strips Nickel or Cobalt containing Tungsten Carbide or Chromium Carbide coatings. This innovative new product, available from Dynamix (Markham, ON), serves as a drop-in replacement for Rochelle Salts. It operates with a better efficiency reducing the amount of time needed to strip parts. Keeping the tank running optimally is easier than ever with a simple titration and only one product to make additions with. It runs at a lowered operating temperature,  which greatly reduces energy expenditure. The process is proven to not attack any underlying substrate materials including but not limited to steel, stainless, and aluminum.

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