New Enhancements To Data Driver

LAWRENCEVILLE, NJ New enhancements to the GS1 US™ online tool, Data Driver®, will help businesses prepare individual products for sale on retail shelves and online by quickly assigning unique product identification numbers that can be embedded in U.P.C. barcodes. The GS1 product identifiers, known as Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs), uniquely identify trade items that are sold, delivered and invoiced at any point in the global supply chain.

GTINs comply with large retailer trading requirements and are a globally accepted GS1 Standard. With Data Driver, users can easily create GTINs, generate U.P.C. barcodes in high resolution and in PDF format, and manage their GTINs over the course of the product lifecycle.

“With the new release of Data Driver, we can better manage our GTINs easier and faster for all of our products, saving hours of time,” said Jerome Bangayan, general manager, Bright Solutions Shopping Network. “It’s really helped simplify the process of generating barcodes and getting our products ready for sale.” 

Data Driver also enables users to store, manage and edit product data, and to create products sales and summary sheets. More than 50,000 small and mid-sized businesses representing a variety of industries have used Data Driver to assign over eight million GTINs to their products. It is available to GS1 US Partner Connections members and does not require technical or standards knowledge.

“Data Driver helps businesses succeed and manage growth,” said Laura DiSciullo, senior vice president, solutions, GS1 US. “Businesses that want to expand their distribution channels to include large, national retailers will need to comply with retailer business requirements, and Data Driver is an easy-to-use resource to create accurate product numbers and barcodes for all packaging levels that are accepted by retailers globally.”

Data Driver is available to GS1 US Partner Connections members along with numerous education and training resources. Companies seeking full-service GS1 Standards implementation assistance can contact a GS1 US Solution Partner.

For more information about GS1 US, Data Driver and the GS1 Partner Connections program, visit

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