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Thomas Industrial Network Launches Enterprise Solutions Group

Thomas Industrial Network has launched an Enterprise Solutions Group to help manufacturers improve efficiency and sales through a new ability to centralize and share their detailed product data.

New York, NY — Thomas Industrial Network today launched an Enterprise Solutions Group to help manufacturers improve efficiency and sales through a new ability to centralize and share their detailed product data. The Enterprise Solutions enable these companies to make their product information accessible everywhere: within their organizations; to distributors and other channel partners; to their websites and print catalogs; and directly to their customers. The solutions are unique by including Thomas Industrial Network’s WebCAD Publishing and Product Configurator Technologies, as well.

Industrial manufacturing companies with thousands of SKUs are often hard-pressed to manage all of their product data, much less keep it up-to-date and digitized. They’re also challenged to provide the data, which has often been kept in spreadsheets, in a format that integrates with distributors’ content management (CMS) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Some distributors will flag this issue so that it can be corrected, while others may not even notice, so these manufacturers’ products never have a chance to be sold. Other distributors already have manufacturers’ product information, but could increase their sales opportunities by offering prospects the chance to download and “try out” 2-D or 3-D CAD models of particular products, too.

Thomas Industrial Network’s new Enterprise Solutions Group is addressing these gaps by helping manufacturers to build a set of master product data that they can share throughout their own organizations, and provide to distributors and channel partners, along with downloadable 2-D/3-D CAD drawings.  

“In today’s industrial marketplace, the companies that enjoy the greatest competitive advantage are those that can harness their product data and make it universally available. For industrial businesses whose information is dispersed everywhere, this remains a major struggle. We’re pleased to be offering new technology solutions to solve this problem, and give even the largest companies more opportunities to grow,” said Eileen Markowitz, President of Thomas Industrial Network.

An early adopter of the new Enterprise Solutions is Bunting Bearings of Holland, Ohio, which is sharing data on 8,000 of its products, along with downloadable CAD drawings, to a major industrial distributor. “Our data is our central source of truth,” said Alistair Brixey, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Bunting Bearings. “It helps our distributors fully represent our products, while improving our efficiency.”

The new solutions include:

  • Data Syndication: Thomas Industrial Network syndicates manufacturers’ data and CAD drawings directly to their large distributors and OEM channel partners. The company extracts the data in each distributor’s format for dissemination. Distributors can then easily load this data into their systems. In addition, the company integrates this content into the enterprise and sourcing platforms that are part of buyers’ daily workflow, from Intergraph SmartPlant 3D for the power, process and marine industries, to Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems for construction of buildings and bridges.
  • WebCAD Publishing Technology and Product Configurator: For engineers with very exacting needs, having the ability to configure and then download a CAD model from a manufacturer’s website, and insert it into their design, helps reassure them that the product they’re considering will meet their requirements. The Enterprise Solutions also enable manufacturers to service their prospects in this way. Thomas Industrial Network research shows that once prospects spec CAD drawings into their designs, they usually purchase the related products.

By reducing time wasted searching for product information, the Enterprise Solutions drive efficiencies among industrial companies and help them improve profits, as well. Manufacturers and distributors alike benefit from increased sales and streamlined operations. In addition, engineers benefit from having exact data from manufacturers to meet their specific needs—resulting in faster decision-making, and the ability to go to market with new products more quickly.

For more information, please contact Linda Rigano, Thomas Industrial Network at 212-629-1522 or [email protected].

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Thomas Industrial Network is an innovative information and technology company that helps industrial businesses to connect, collaborate and grow.

One of our key offerings is, the premier website for product sourcing and supplier discovery and selection. We also provide strategic website development, tools and technology for industrial businesses to manage and share product and service data internally and externally. They include WebCAD publishing, and syndication of detailed product data to channel partners. Custom SPEC was designed for the unique needs of custom manufacturers. Additionally, we offer social media programs and search engine optimization services to help these businesses build brand awareness and generate leads. Our Navigator Platform is the hub through which we help our customers to manage their information.

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