Boeing Lands $1.5 Billion In 747 Jet Orders

Boeing announced on its website Thursday that it has received four orders for its 747-8 airliner.

Boeing announced on its website Thursday that it has received four orders for its 747-8 airliner.

The order, the first made in 2016 for the aircraft, has a list price of about $1.5 billion.

The company isn’t currently providing the name of the customer, a Boeing spokesperson told Product Design & Development.

The aircraft manufacturer had reported 23 unfilled orders for the 747 as of the end of March.

Boeing is currently producing one 747 per month, but plans to cut that production back to one 747 every two months starting in September.

The company has received 122 net orders for its 737, 747, 767, 777, and 787, according to its website.

Boeing also announced in a statement Thursday that it delivered 176 of its commercial aircraft in the first quarter of 2016, compared to the 184 that it had delivered at that point a year earlier.

The company delivered 121 of the 737 aircraft and 30 of the 787 during the quarter, which is the same amount as it delivered during that period in 2015, Boeing’s Corporate Communications Director, Charles Bickers told Product Design & Development.

Just one of the 747 aircraft was delivered, compared to four in the first period of 2015. Bickers said the drop in 747 deliveries is simply an indication of what the customers wanted at the time and nothing more.

“It’s not necessarily indicative of any trends because there are fluctuations,” he said.

Boeing’s year-over-year first quarter deliveries of the 767 aircraft also fell from five to one. Bickers said those delivery numbers were impacted by the tanker version of the jet, which still has to undergo testing.

The company delivered 23 of the 777 aircraft in the first quarter.

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